After the sudden death of my father in 2013, I became the president of this company, which served the Filipinos living in Japan. I restructured the business completely, and was able to sell it to a direct competitor two and half years later with continued employment of my staff and the continuation of the brand. Thus, now I am back to being a creative full time!


The company's business was to send Balikbayan boxes (literally "repatriate box") and remittance from Japan to the Philippines. The company  stemmed from Forex Cargo in US, which once had branches all over the world. My father was the first non-Filipino president among the Forex companies, and independent.


When I took over the company, it was struggling, failing to adopt to the changing business environment. It had a confusing name, Forex Interweb, no website, very ugly DMs and ads. Basically no clear corporate identity at all. The business was just riding on the Forex name.


So, I changed them all. A new company name, a new logo, and a CI with a vibrant color palette. I built a website, started a Facebook page, and advertised low-cost but fun monthly promos. I gave our Filipino staff uniforms and featured them in promotions and ads to emphasize friendliness of our services.


For the remittance business, we partnered with the biggest bank in the Philippines, BDO Unibank, and rolled out co-branding campaigns.


When we attended a large Filipino event in Tokyo for the first time, we used balloons with our logo as the low cost decoration and a give-away. We inflated them at the site as we gave away to the children who came to the fair with their parents. It was a bit hit! They walked around with our balloons and provided us with free advertisement.






Business card &

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Tri-Fold Brochure

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