1. POSTERS designed and illustrated by Coco Masuda





Fall/Winter 1989 Collection Announcement  - Fiorucchi





Spring/Summer 1989 Collection Announcement  - Fiorucchi





Come to Java  - Starbucks





Sailing  - Starbucks





Hawaii - United Airlines





Taste of the Nation  - American Express





Caribbean Cruise  - Chicago Tribune (Type added for the print shop)





Thé De Menthe  - Personal work for the print shop




Caffe Espresso  - Personal work for the print shop





Isabelle de Borchgrave  - Marshall Field's





Grow, Baby, Grow - Healthy Start





It Can Be Done - United Nations (unpublished)





Women at Work  - International Labor Organization, An UN Agency




2. POSTERS only illustrated by Coco Masuda





Fourth World Conference On Women in Beijing - United Nations





Beijing at Ten (10 years after the historic women's conference in Beijing)  - United Nations





Habitat II - United Nations





From the series for Outreach Program -  Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts





A Year of Achievement -  Galaxy Aerospace




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